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The Media is being racist towards Ryan Mallett!!!

Lately I've heard the mainstream media saying that Ryan Mallett is "a risky pick"  and that they have concerns over his "character issues"  This is racist.  Im so sick of good white quarterbacks being scrutinized as they try to prepare themselves for an NFL career.  I don;t understand why they can't draft him high and not ask any questions.  Obviously, this is a racist society trying to bring this young man down. 

Just thought I would show how ridiculous this argument was when being applied to Cam Newton.  Here's a thought:  maybe people are concerened over his character issues because of his questionable past couple of years. Here's another thought: When you do things that call your character into question....your character will usually come into question. 

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Posted on: June 13, 2009 7:45 pm
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My mock draft.....with a few twists......part 1

First off, it should be noted that this is for entertainment purposes only, and is in noy way a prediction of what will actually happen.  it's just a little something to break the monotony of the standard mock drafts that we have already seen.

1. LA Clippers -  BlakeGriffiin  This will be the shocker of the draft....nobody will see this coming except for me.  The Clippers may do a trade with the Thunder if they can find someone to take Baron Davis off their hands....but it's not likely

2. Memphis Grizzlies - Hasheem Thabeet  If they had any sense they would trade this pick a get a lot of value doing it.   That's why im so sure they will instead use it to draft the Shawn Bradley of our generation.

3. Washington Wizards (from OKC)   - Ricky Rubio  The Thunder miss thier guy because the Clippers shock the world by taking Griffin number they trade this pick in a panic move. The fact is that the Wizards dont wnat or need Rubio, but at this point its all about concealing your hand.

4. Sacramento Kings - Jrue Holiday   They could take Evans if they feel he can run the point...but somehow they have to get a point gaurd who can get the ball to Martin.

5. OKC Thunder (from Washington) - James Harden Presti is temtped to take Curry because he loves his knock down shooting ability, but in the end you cant have two gaurds that are both 6'3 in in the same backcourt, especially when you already have two small forwards in the front court

6. New York Knicks (from Minnesota) - Stephen Curry  Walsh loves Walsh gets him.   He isnt the best or even second best gaurd on the board at this point, but the Knicks love him and I think they will be aggressive here

7. Golden State Warriors - Brandon Jennings   The Warriors have 45 or 46 wing players and no point they grab Jennings here.
8. Minnesota Timberwolves  - Johnny Flynn Some will consider this a reach...until they see Flynn play.  This kid is good.  Real good.  Kevin Mchale makes the bold move by taking him a couple spots early

9. Toronto Raptors - Jordan Hill They dont know why they do it....but it will turn out good in the end.  The Raptors are going to lose Bosh and Marion before its all said and they take Hill here. They will probably lose him in a couple of years too, but lets not worry about that for now.

10. Milwaukee Bucks - Tyreke Evans - Bucks could use a point gaurd....but Evans is way too good to pass up at number 10.  Im stepping out on a limb here and saying that the Bucks will do the right thing here.  They also may trade this pick with my blessings. However, I should be included in any and all personnel decisions.


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Posted on: June 12, 2009 1:27 am

My solution to the NBA age rule

As we all know, the NBA has recently instituted a rule that forces all potential NBA players to be at least one year removed from high school before becoming eligible to play in the NBA. We are all also aware of the bad reviews and negative consequences that have come out of this rule.

The rule has a good spirit behind it, but much like communism, just has too many fatal flaws. The students don't want to be there and OJ Mayo showed us what can happen when the player doesn't care about his school or the penalties that he may bring upon them. Not to mention, with the weak rules placed on the "student" side of the equation, it would be a joke to call them "student athletes" at all.  I think I have an alternative way to get kids to play college ball without forcing them that can work for everybody and isn't completely unamerican.

The plan is relatively simple, modify the current rookie salary cap to the point that it is smaller for kids coming straight out of high school and let it get bigger for every year that a kid spends in college.

For example:  Blake Griffin is the first pick.

If he came from HS:  Max Salary $2.5 million/year
1 year of college ball $3 million
2 years:  $3.5
3 or 4 years:  $4 million

I am not suggesting that we use these actual numbers, I am just giving you an idea of how it would work.  It is an incentive program rather than a mandate.  I wouyld love to hear what other people think of this plan, thank you for reading!!


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