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The Media is being racist towards Ryan Mallett!!!

Posted on: April 14, 2011 6:29 pm

Lately I've heard the mainstream media saying that Ryan Mallett is "a risky pick"  and that they have concerns over his "character issues"  This is racist.  Im so sick of good white quarterbacks being scrutinized as they try to prepare themselves for an NFL career.  I don;t understand why they can't draft him high and not ask any questions.  Obviously, this is a racist society trying to bring this young man down. 

Just thought I would show how ridiculous this argument was when being applied to Cam Newton.  Here's a thought:  maybe people are concerened over his character issues because of his questionable past couple of years. Here's another thought: When you do things that call your character into question....your character will usually come into question. 

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